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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Candle Light

"Candle Light" by Atlanta Marie Carrera
How Bright is my Candle?

How bright is my candle,
my light from within?
Does it spark me to action?
Does it keep me from sin?

Can you see it in daylight,
when things are alright?
Does it come out in darkness
to conquer the night?

Do I hide it from others,
or make my light known?
Is it joined by a bonfire,
or does it stand alone?

Does it reach those who need it?
Will my flame keep them warm?
Will it comfort the heartbroken,
and protect them from harm?

Is it bright like a lighthouse?
Can it lead others home?
Does it burn with compassion
and have a life of its own?

Can it teach little children?
Will it bring joy their way?
Does it light up with hope,
spreading fire through the day?

Is it a shining example
for others to see?
How bright is my candle,
this reflection of me?

How bright is my candle
can you see my light glow?
How bright is my candle
Does it continue to grow?

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