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Monday, July 2, 2012

Waiting Quietly

Waiting Quietly

My Heart

Every day I think of you.
A song, a look,
a sound, a word
My heart jumps
and I smile,
or I laugh,
or I cry.

You are all around me
and my heart is heavy
because it is so full.

Nothing is the same, except you
I know you in my heart.
I know what you would say.
I know what you would do.
I know what you would think.

I can’t speak
for there is nothing to say.
So I wait quietly
until I see you,
and then my heart will rest.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

I would wish for you, happiness,
but your smile says it all.

I would wish for you, riches,
but your riches can’t compare.

I would wish fun for you,
but you always make your own.

I would wish that you know God,
but he clearly knows you.

I would wish for you, good luck,
but you already have that too.

I would wish for you to know love,
but that’s abundantly clear.

I would give you the world,
but it’s already yours.

So I give you my friendship
and all the wishes that go with it.

The Yellow Rose

"Yellow Roses" by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Yellow Rose
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

It is Bright and Sunny and Warm.
Full of Life and Optimism.
It stands for Joy and Happiness,
Wisdom and Enlightenment,
but most of all Friendship.

Let Go

Let Go
Let Go

Let go to move forward; let go.
Let go of the things that weigh down your soul.
Just let go.

Let go of the thought that life has no purpose.
We are all one; each person connected;
each life intertwined.

Let go of regret; let go of resentment.
True Sacrifice has no room for these things,
so let them go.

Let go of your judging; let go your perspective.
Make room for forgiveness.
Let go.

Let go of your loved ones; for they are still with you.
Don’t hold them so tightly.
Let go.

Let go of your sins; let them all wash away.
Believe, and they will be gone,
so let go.

Making Memories

My Heaven on Earth

Paint me a picture of Heaven on Earth,
of you on God’s canvas...
the ocean, the sand, a book in your hand.
So when I peer through the clouds,
I see the smile on your face
and the beauty in you.

Serenade me with song,
as you drive along...
in a fast moving car, on a Sunday drive home
with the volume turned loud.
So I can listen with you
and remember a tune
and hear your heart beating strong.

Show your memories to me,
and the things that you wish for...
on a Merry Go Round,
with the wind in your hair.
So I can read your mind
as you glide along
like a child inside.

Make me a meal
for family and friends...
a Holiday feast,
or a salad at least.
so I can taste and smell
and hear stories you tell
surrounded by those who love you.

Dream with me,
so I can be by your side...
asleep in your chair
at the end of the day.
Where there are no boundaries,
and I can touch you again,
and feel your soul reach me

For wherever you are
there I will be too...
holding your hand
and living through you
for you are My Heaven,
on Earth

Baptized by Tears

I cry
I lie alone in bed and cry.
Baptized by Tears
Warm tears dropping lightly on my pillow
until the wetness against the sheets turns them cold.

The greater the love,
the deeper the hole that’s left behind.
How will I ever fill it?

I pray. I grieve. I cannot breathe.
I swallow my breath
as my body shakes with each heartbeat.
I cry from the inside
as if I could hold it all in there,
but I cannot.

My mind jumping from one thought to another...
One precious memory to the next...
All only memories now.
Like watching a sad movie
that you can’t walk away from.

The tears filling up inside my head....
shutting down the airway through my nose,
streaming out the corners of my eyes,
choking my throat closed,
as I swallow down the tears
until they fill my stomach
which now churns with emptiness.

My prayer for you is this...

Let your tears be the water which baptizes you anew.
They flow because of love from the inside out.
May they wash over you leaving a peace in their wake,
nourishing and renewing your spirit
for the new person you must become.
Knowing always that the future ahead
will one day unite those separated souls again
and that everything will be alright.


"Golden Crown"

I grieve with you in…

Shock, Sorrow, Sadness,
Insanity, Infuriation
Endless Emotions
Numbness, Nausea
Effecting Everyone

A grief beyond comprehension
Beyond words themselves

I grieve with you in SILENCE