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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making Memories

My Heaven on Earth

Paint me a picture of Heaven on Earth,
of you on God’s canvas...
the ocean, the sand, a book in your hand.
So when I peer through the clouds,
I see the smile on your face
and the beauty in you.

Serenade me with song,
as you drive along...
in a fast moving car, on a Sunday drive home
with the volume turned loud.
So I can listen with you
and remember a tune
and hear your heart beating strong.

Show your memories to me,
and the things that you wish for...
on a Merry Go Round,
with the wind in your hair.
So I can read your mind
as you glide along
like a child inside.

Make me a meal
for family and friends...
a Holiday feast,
or a salad at least.
so I can taste and smell
and hear stories you tell
surrounded by those who love you.

Dream with me,
so I can be by your side...
asleep in your chair
at the end of the day.
Where there are no boundaries,
and I can touch you again,
and feel your soul reach me

For wherever you are
there I will be too...
holding your hand
and living through you
for you are My Heaven,
on Earth

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