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Monday, January 28, 2013


I feel you cover me in roses,
as you cover me in love.

I fly through crystal, blue clear raindrops,
falling gently from above.

I land so softly in a snow pile,
warmed somehow from within.

I walk through never ending gardens,
changing shapes before my eyes.

I see a church upon a hillside,
and bright colors all around.

And then I’m greeted by an angel,
with a voice as soft as silk.

She leads me through a field of flowers,
past a river filled with fish.

I hear a choir of children’s voices,
singing songs I know by heart.

I see a table set before us,
with a place there just for me.

And then I’m joined by those who love me,
in a feast so welcoming.

More angels praises like the ocean,
a rising tide which fills the air.

and then a house appears before me,
where I will go to rest.

and now I dream of when you’ll join me,
for it is here, I wait for you.

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